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Post  3103OK on Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:27 pm

What a day this was

We met up In Piccadilly about half 1 for the 2pm departure to stoke.

So off we go to a little shop to stock up on booze for the train ride which in all ould take about an hour.most people pould think wtf you gtting the train at that time for a 7:45 pre season away game ?

Well we like to go early and experince the pubs and in the land of the 'nauaghy forty' there are a few of them. so we got to the platform for the 2pm train to Stoke and not going to sit down we started gttin it rocking in the gangway between the toilets and the doors.With one lads song to the man he admires the most Silvestre 'He's shizzle he's french,he's our left back silvestre'.

We finally the sound of red army hen e all got off the train and dodge the police who were waiting in the middle of stoke station and walked round the back and out onto the road. 1 Lad who was complatly fucked by the time we got there was still singing when we was walking up the road.

Walking round Stoke Singnig united songs always sounds good and lets the home town e have arrived so after a few pints and games of pool we all shared taxi's up to the ground and met a few more reds who had taken over the front of a pub near the ground.

As kick off approched wwe was stood in th stadium car park giving stoke a song or two with police and strewards trying there best just to get us in th ground.

Port Vale took a good lead 3-0 up in 16 minutes which put the united Stand in a very bad mood and fsome lads even started smashin seats Very Happy
but A up and coming United Star in my eyes pulled one back for united Guisseppe Rossi.

Frazier campbell Pulled it back to 3-2 just before the break and the crod were on top singing non stop.

The second half as shizzle on the pitch anyway !
But in the United stnad the fans re rocking to the sound of 'When jonny goes marching down the wing'.

The game finished 3-2 to Port Vale so we started our journey home.

everyon was saying it was going off outsid the staidum ith the united and some port vale fans and thre was Police running very evrywhere.

we finally got a taxi to stoke station and borded the train with some other lads ho were heading manchester way.

so we were singing and fucking about and most people on the train did not like it so started fuckin moaning to the staff on the train so and they were trying to get us off the train but know one ould leave so they called for the btp and had to stp the train for about an hhour but as pre usual they did fcuk all.

so they said right we have to keep you on unitll manchester with police bording the train and getting details from us all. so we got back to Manchester and a few lads legged it it was a top united away and i heard it was voted the unfreindleyist freindly Very Happy

We all missed the last train home so e had to share taxis but i would deffo go there again for a game lol!

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