Signing of th season

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Signing of th season Empty Signing of th season

Post  3103OK on Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:20 am

There are a few players who have impressed me alot upto now
one of them is deffo Wes Brown his performences have been top class and have been man of the match performences.

Another young'un who has pushed for a 1st team spot and done well playing his roll is Danny Simpson i remember when he played against celtic in a pre season game if i remember rightly.His game against Wigan as top and he dffo desearves another game or two so he can get alot more experience.

I think the signing of th season has to be Carlos Tevez he has proved his worth in my eyes alot of people into th first few gams of the season were slagging him off but i just said 'let him get used to playing with champions and let him gel' which he has and plays his hart out very game.

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