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Post  3103OK on Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:18 pm

The Alarm on Elvis's Phone bellows out at 5:15 for this early morning wake up call to go down to west ham on a cold morning at th end of december so w weboth got up got the beer sorted and headed for the bus stop.

So we get to Manchester at 6:20 and go to Greasy Joes Near Piccadilly And are met by a few random tramps and a buisness man elvis sat down and had wll i wouldent say th nicest looking brekie in the world but it did the job whilst i went to get some credit.

we went down to Chorlton Street and were met by a lad from swinton called Mike and he cued up for about 20 minutes for something to eat and read whilst he was there we went and got on the coach and aited untill it finally departed and started drinking at 7 am Shocked

After some stops at a service station and some free bags of crisps we finally arrived in west ham and headed straight for the boozer unknown to us it was a west ham pub and the police soon let us no about it and moved us on.

so we all moved onto to a pub called The Central and wre met by uite a few more fellow reds who were in high voice 'Who put the ball in the west ham net'.

after uite a few pints and a kebab we headed for the ground And Cockney dve me and mike on the vodka on coke.
And we headed into the ground and by 20 minutes Elvis was asking me if half time had been and he needed to see his mate who as going in the army or something haha mad fucker .

Uniteds wemt 1-0 up and the United end went wild and halftime came and it was messy the staff behind the bar were actually serving beer and the police could not handle us they were geetting hotdogs and beer thrown at them it was fucking quality.

Into the second half and west ham went 2-1 up and this is the only time we heard the west ham fans singing the final whistle blew and up went the cheer from the west ham fans

final score

United 1-2 West Ham


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