Dirty red scousers Away

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Dirty red scousers Away Empty Dirty red scousers Away

Post  3103OK on Tue Jan 15, 2008 2:26 am

It was an early start for this game you see and when you have been out on the piss the nite before it all feels terrible.

But anyway the train was empty except for afew reds and a few vermin dotted about
and the train seemed to take ags but i slept most of the way and woke up to the noise of some guy cracking open a can.

i waited around and decided to ring one of the lads who i new was coming down as usual he was sat in a mcdonalds eyeing these scouse bints up so i went down to mee him.

We walked towards the taxi rank and got in one with some fellow reds who had proper match tickets unlike me and elvis who had f.a youth cup final tickets from last year that he had saved from the previous season.

So we go on to tell these Reds how we are getting in with these tickets and they are just pissing themselves and as usual the taxi driver is blabbering on that how he and the most of liverfool think Stevie G is the best midfielder in the world-Kop Twat.

We arrived At Anfield and walked up the Road to see it as hammered by Stewerds here there and everywhere so we alk about abit looking about to see about the jib.

After about 10 minuts elvis had disapered and i was on my own so i walked back up the road and This guy asked me if i wanted a snide so i jumped at the chance and went back to the turnstile but they were having none of it Evil or Very Mad

So i walked away and about 5 minutes later walkd back with my other ticket and to my amazement i got in Very Happy Very Happy Thick Scouse Cunts.

So i ran in and up into the stand
the United end was giving a few songs to the vermin sat to our right and i saw a few people i know.

United Finished the half 1-0 up and the crowd went fucking mental people jumping on eachother The goal came from Carloz Tevez and it as pretty decent too.

I went and got a drink at half time coz i still felt like shizzle from the night before scond half came and i noticed a lad i no Lewis so i went and stood near him and soon as Crouch stood up he was goin Mental 'Freakkkkkk Freakkkk' Funny lad .

The Game ended 1-0 to United

The most boring part of the day was the escourt back to lime street with the police it took fucking ages .


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