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Post  3103OK on Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:03 am

Good Day out With a shizzle Result

Primark Was the place to meet at 12 pm On saturday and e had a good little number of lads that wre either sharing snides out or drinking cans and having a laugh amoungst themselves.

So we headed up to piccadilly about 12:45 to catch the 13:10 train to Horwich which is a shizzle hole as we waked towards the platform we come in sight of th twats in yellow jackets ofcourse youve guest it the police who wantd everyone's details and made us line up like we were on trial for murder or something and started making up sections acts which were aload of bullshit.

So we all get to the platform and start singing and drinking and board the train and get into the mood with a few funny songs and lager going everywhere .

We finally arrived at Horwich Parkway about 13:40 and are met by police on horses and on foot checking tickets
and most got through okay but some had to mak up the excuse they was picking them up in a few minutes so after a while everyone as through.

We mad a nice visit to Asda for some Superbock which itself comes with a song and drank them outside mcdonalds so kickoff was approching and we made our way over the the reebok and what a shithole it is full of six fingered fuckers.

A few of us tried to get in the away end with home end tickets but the inbread stewerd was having none of it
so we went in the home end and sat next to the united fans for the 1st forty-five minutes which was shizzle with that old bitter Anelka putting Notlob ahead.

So at half time a few of us ran across the front and into teh united end and i dont think the stewerds were botherd.

The atmosphere would have been better in a cemetry it was shite.
After the final wistle we all headed back to the station and we had to wait for a while untill the next train came in and the police dogs were going mad.

So we borded the train and were winding the Inbreads up for a short while with a Croatia Flag hanging out of the window and got the train rocking untill we got to piccadilly where the story ends.

United 0 Notlob 1

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