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Post  3103OK on Mon Oct 15, 2007 2:23 am

Started off with an early wake up call.Well late for some ha ha i got a alarm call at 8am that morning with the sun blazing through my bdroom indow and the noisey fucking birds.

So i Set of the the train station which luckily is about 1 minute don th road and jibbed as always the train to picc and ran the other way instead of paying 1.45 so i met up with the lads and went in greasy jo's outside the station on the approch for a fuckin disgusting brekkie which was the worst 3 ive ever spent the train wasent leaving till 10:30 so had a little tie to hit sainsburys for the beers.

6 cans of stella for four quid not bad so off we went to the platform and the geordies were in town playing the massives so we passed a few of them on the way to the train and ofcourse e had to give them a song to pass them on 'cheer up alan shearer' all we got back was fcuk off you manc cunts Laughing

so on we get 10:30 to Birmingham New Street and i found a seat and started on the cans untill a BTP officer approchd me and said you cant drink on this train i said well im not drinking them now so he walked off and i added but i will drink em hen you have gone through that othr carridge Very Happy .

A few lads got chuked off half way down the line for nt having tickets but a few managed to stay on thats hat hiding on the under seats get you.

we finally arrived at Birmingham in high tempo all singin and laughing a proper day out ith the boys this was
we went to a few pubs and got a beer and watched the city game nearly getting chucked out for singing 'e paid for there home'.

kick off approchd so we set of for the stadium and how asy do you think it is trying to get in the away end with a home ticket ?

well to my pleasure i found it orked and watched the game in the united end the 1st half was alright but w should hav got about 2 goals so half time approched and off i go to the concourse and believe me it as fucknig rocking to 'we all hate leeds scum' as a qued up for a drink i as thingki fuckin hell its loud and the staff behind the counter were really taking the piss.

Second half and Unitd tokk the lead Through That Boy Ronaldo. From then on the stand was rocking.

after the gam e headed back to the station to catch the train and the police cramming us on as per usual and it as really really hot .

so i broke off into hte carridge where i could hear people singing Nemanja's Name so all the way back the train as rocking most of the way to 'Follo Follow Folo coz united are going to Moscoc'e dparted the train at piccand headed home.

Another Great United away


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